There are several places where you can adjust the sound in ALLPlayer:

1. Sound Settings (right-click menu):

To open the sound settings window, right-click on the ALLPlayer screen and select the "Sound" option to set:

  • Audio Track (in a movie, there might be, for example, the original soundtrack and a second track with voices in another language)
  • Audio Outputs (the output where ALLPlayer will send the sound, e.g., headphones or speakers)
  • Audio Visual Effects (displayed only while listening to music or radio)

2. Sound Settings (icon in the bottom right corner of the screen):

There are two icons here:

  • Pressing the speaker icon will display the volume slider.
  • The icon to the right of the speaker will show the "Sound" menu described above in point 1.

3. Keyboard

The fastest way to adjust the sound, with quick access to:

  • 'M' key - Mute, which mutes the sound
  • Up and down arrow keys - louder, quieter

ALLPlayer has the ability to boost sound - it's best not to overuse it as entering the red volume area may distort the sound.

Tips: More keyboard shortcuts can be found Here.