Subtitles for Movies and Series (Automatic Download of Perfectly Matched Subtitles)

ALLPlayer, in collaboration with leading subtitle service, automatically finds and downloads perfectly matched subtitles. If we start a movie and ALLPlayer does not find a subtitle file, it automatically searches all subtitle services, and when it finds matching subtitles, displays the button "Subtitles Available - Download" on the screen. After clicking this button, subtitles are usually downloaded and displayed on the screen within 2 seconds, without the need for manual searching; everything happens automatically.

If you need subtitles in other languages, you can download them from Opensubtitles:


Subtitle Display Adjustment

We can, of course, freely adjust the display of subtitles according to our own needs. Standard adjustments include:

  • Subtitle Background - useful when we want to cover subtitles in another language that overlap with ours
  • Font size and subtitle positioning Subtitle
  • color Subtitle
  • shadow size Subtitle


Intelligent Subtitles

The intelligent subtitles feature involves analyzing the length of the subtitle and adjusting its display time, regardless of the timing in the subtitle text file. This means the program analyzes whether a person can read subtitles that are sometimes displayed too quickly. To ensure no subtitles are missed, the "Intelligent Subtitles" function will adjust their display time to match your reading pace. You can, of course, set the reading speed in the program settings.


Subtitle Editor

Editor In the program settings, we have a built-in "Subtitle Editor". With it, you can edit individual subtitles, quickly move them forward or backward by one second, or recalculate the display time of the subtitles if you have subtitles with a different FPS version of the film (23.976->25.000 or 25.000->23.986).

Tips: Subtitles can be easily shifted by one second using the "<" and ">" keys - see "keyboard".

Narrator - Reading Subtitles Through ALLPlayer - see "Narrator and AI Narrator" features.